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We can help create the home of your dreams

We are an experienced contractor for major developers and experienced at guiding the private individual through a new build process. Our huge team is fully capable of handling large contracts and can provide sub-contractors for every aspect of new home development. Our projects can be built using modern timber frame construction, which is made as a kit of parts in a factory off site or built using traditional brick and block construction, but all work is carried out to the highest possible standard with care to minimise the impact on the existing community and the environment.

Combine our experience with your ideas

Any of our clients wishing to have a hand in the design of their new home can work with our recommended designer to achieve the home of their dreams. If a client has a plot of land and is looking to develop multiple houses on that plot our friendly team can help with all aspects of the development, from planning and design to finishing the landscaping at the end of the project.